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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is an alternative way of delivering effective evidence-based allied health services. In many ways, it’s just like seeing any other health provider face-to-face, but instead of driving to an office location, or catching public transport, your face-to-face appointment is virtual, through the use of digital technology. Where such technology is not available, some appointments can also be conducted over the phone.

We are committed and highly experienced in delivering telehealth services. In fact, we have been delivering telehealth to Employee Assistance Program (EAP) customers across Australia for many years. We see telehealth as the future of NDIS service delivery, well beyond the current circumstances.

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How to

Access telehealth

Telehealth is a modern healthcare service that lets participants see a practitioner from home using technology like video calls. You only need a device and internet connection to use it. It’s great for people who can’t travel to an office, have busy lives, or live far away. Check out our video to see how simple it is.

We offer a wide range of allied health services via telehealth

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Positive Behaviour Support

Occupational Therapy

Psychological Assessments

Speech Pathology

Key Worker
Early Childhood Supports

Why is telehealth so important?

There are several significant benefits to using telehealth technology. 

  • Convenient alternative to face-to-face
  • Eliminates travel times and costs
  • Eliminates health and safety risks
  • Supports continuation of servicing during difficult times
  • Increases the choice of service providers outside your immediate area
  • Addresses access issues for people with disability, illnesses, other conditions

Frequently asked questions

Positive behaviour support focuses on improving quality of life and reducing behaviours of concern using a broad range of evidence-based approaches. This includes a large focus on changing the environment and working with a participant’s supports. Behaviour support practitioners come from a diverse allied health and professional backgrounds and are registered through the NDIS Commission. Psychology focuses on the assessment and treatment of mental health presentations and psychologists are registered through AHPRA.

NDIS support categories that may cover these services include Improved Daily Living. To find out more, head to the National Disability Insurance Scheme website.


Many people who receive funding through the NDIS may be experiencing mental health and cognitive difficulties that are impacting their capacity to achieve their NDIS goals. Psychological Services can help to identify and treat any psychological barriers to achieving NDIS goals through assessment or ongoing therapy.  

All psychological therapy services can be provided via Telehealth or face-to-face in either one of our offices, or we can travel to you at your residence. Only mental health assessments can occur via Telehealth, otherwise all other psychological assessments must be provided face-to-face. 

A psychologist is trained in providing evidence-based therapy to assist with improving an individual’s mental health, such as teaching strategies to manage their mood or improve their overall quality of life. A neuropsychologist specialises in the assessment of cognition for the purposes of diagnosis, and to support treatment planning and future interventions. 

A mental health assessment assists in identifying whether an individual meets the criteria for a mental health disorder, such as anxiety and depression. A neuropsychological assessment is performance-based and involves a series of testing to assess cognition (e.g. intellectual functioning, attention, memory) and identify an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses. 

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