The wait is over…. Season 3 of ORS’ Carpool Clinician with a twist is here!

We wonder what physical challenges will our clinicians put Trav and Lazz through this season.

How do our clinicians unwind?
What do they like to do outside of work hours?
What do they love about their work?

Check out our first episode of season 3 featuring ORS’ Regional Manager for Positive Behaviour Support Amanda Stevenson, as she answers these questions and more.

And fancy asking what AFL stands for! Clearly, they are from the East Coast and not the West Coast like Amanda.

0:00: Introduction
0:54: How flexible is ORS with career change?
1:34: Whats it like working in Positive Behaviour Support?
2:09: Amanda has a surprise for Trav and Lazz?
5:16: Game: 2 Truths and a Lie
6:28: Conclusion

ORS’ Carpool Clinician with Amanda Stevenson

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