For a dietitian at ORS, a typical 9 to 5 day isn’t really that typical, it can be quite flexible. Our staff can cater their day to what they might need to do.
Check out ORS Dietitian Samantha Assaf as she takes us through a day in her working life.

“It’s so rewarding working as a dietician. I think just seeing any progress is so exciting because a lot of people, particularly in the disability space, are vulnerable and do have a lot more barriers than what we might be exposed to in terms of making changes.”
“If you’re considering working at ORS, I would definitely encourage you to go for it. It’s such a great culture, it’s a great vibe and we’re all such a good team. We work so well together and there’s always support when you need it.”

We all lead very busy lives these days so if you would like to tailor your work around how you would like it then contact us today. Click our one-minute application link here:

Or, if you would like more information on ORS services then please feel free to call us on 1800 000 677 or visit our website to make a referral:

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ORS’ Day in the life of a Dietitian with Samantha Assaf

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