Have you ever considered relocating for your next dream job?

Well, that’s exactly what ORS’ Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner Ryan du Toit did!

Ryan made the life-changing move, with his family, from South Africa to ORS Wagga Wagga.

🟣 What attracted Ryan to ORS?
🟣 What research did he do before accepting the job at ORS?
🟣 What was it like becoming a part of the ORS Crew?

Check out our latest video to find out these answers and more!

Welcome to the team Ryan and thank you for choosing ORS. We are certainly very lucky to have your passion and experience onboard with us!

If you’re looking for a great work culture that is truly defined by its people, or simply looking for an organisation that will provide you with the right supervision and clinical support then ORS is the home for you. Start your new career journey with our quick apply today https://www.orsgroup.com.au/quick-apply/

Or, if you’re seeking the right advice or help then contact our experienced positive behaviour support practitioners today call 1800 000 677 or visit our website to make a referral: https://www.orsgroup.com.au/refer/

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ORS’ Finding My Dream Job with Ryan du Toit

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