Today we celebrate the start of Psychology Week for 2022!

This year focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescents in Australia, including the major social, psychological, and developmental challenges and issues they are facing.

Hear from ORS’ National Psychology Manager for Clinical and Forensic Services Sarah Stewart as she welcomes us to Psych week and walks us through the services we provide.

“At present, ORS employs over 270 Psychologists and Behaviour Support practitioners nationwide, making us one of the largest psychological service providers in Australia. And what makes us unique is the breadth of expertise that we can offer.”

So stay tuned this week as we hear from some of those experienced Psychologists and Counsellors with tips, tools, good news stories and more!

And please, don’t forget, if you find yourself struggling and needing help then feel free to call us for a chat today or make a referral: 1800 000 677 or

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Psychology Services with ORS

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