🎇 Today we are celebrating the start of Psychology Week for 2023 with the theme ‘MAKE SELF-CARE YOUR NEW SUPERPOWER’. 🎇
With over 180 psychologists, ORS prides itself on its psychologist’s clinical excellence and service to the wider community, yet this week is an invaluable reminder to focus inward and support the self-care and development of the incredible clinical team we have.
So this #PsychologyWeek we’re shining a light on self-care and highlighting the importance of protecting our own wellbeing.
How will you be practicing self-care this week?
And please, don’t forget, if you find YOURSELF struggling and needing help then feel free to call us for a chat today or make a referral 1800 000 677 or link in bio
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Welcome to Psychology Week 2023 at ORS

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