What’s it like working in the Behaviour Support team at Mascot?
What was Jake’s journey into Behaviour Support like?
How did he join the ORS crew?

Check out our latest episode of ‘Carpool Clinician’ featuring ORS’ Positive Behaviour Support Team Leader Jake Spicer.

“Something that ORS does really well is there’s a lot of trust for the practitioners to do great jobs without the manager breathing down their neck. It means that the onus and responsibility is on the individual and it creates more responsible practitioners and it means it’s also really nice to work in an environment where there’s that flexibility. ”

If you’re looking for a career change with a company that likes to do things differently, or if you’re simply wanting to know more about our behaviour support services then contact us today call us on 1800 000 677 or visit our website to make a referral: https://www.orsgroup.com.au/refer/

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Carpool Clinician with Jake Spicer

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