“The Values at ORS align with me a lot more because it’s all about being client-centred and making sure that what we do for the client is what that client actually needs or even wants, and it’s not just going in because, yes, we do have a job, but they don’t want that.” – Katie Southwell, Regional Manager for Positive Behaviour Support.

Have you ever considered what an average day in the life of an ORS Behaviour Support Practitioner is like?

Hear from some of our superstar Behaviour Support Practitioners and what they love about working in the PBS team at ORS.

If you’re seeking the right advice or help, then contact our experienced positive behaviour support practitioners today; call 1800 000 677 or visit our website to make a referral: https://www.orsgroup.com.au/refer/

Or, if you’re looking for a great work culture that is truly defined by its people or simply looking for an organisation that will provide you with the right supervision and clinical support, then ORS is the home for you. Start your new career journey with our quick apply today https://www.orsgroup.com.au/quick-apply/

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ORS’ Day in the life of a Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

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