What are the positives and benefits of working with workplace rehabilitation clients?

What are the main goals of workplace rehabilitation?

As we wrap up National Safe Work Week check out our latest video featuring ORS’ Job Development and Marketing Manager for Workplace Rehabilitation and Health Blake Murdoch and Asama Jamaa from AJ Painting and Deco.

“The reason why I came to ORS was to get help with workplace rehabilitation and to give people a second chance. I think that’s what ORS has been providing and the service they have given to the clients I’ve dealt with is all about second chances and giving them the opportunity to go back to normality and go back to the workplace with a safe, laid-back easy transition to work.” – Asama Jamaa

If you’re an employer looking for skilled, qualified and experienced staff who really do want to return to the workplace then contact us today Call us at 1800 000 677 or visit our website to make a referral: https://www.orsgroup.com.au/refer/

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ORS Good News Story with Asama and Blake

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